Step 1

Select the ERA menu from the Payments Drop Down.

Step 2


You can filter which ERAs you see, using the drop-down buttons, then further narrow the results with the search box.

Step 3


Click the link on the left to view a pdf version of the ERA.

Step 4

Auto Posting

Click on the 'Auto Post Now' button. You'll see a confirmation box before you continue. The system will first scan the ERA for issues that would cause a system error by auto-posting. If errors are found, the ERA will be labeled 'Cannot Auto Post'. These must be manually posted by the user as a payment. Otherwise, the ERA will auto-post.

Step 5


Once auto-posted, you should review the payment for accuracy. Look for things like negative balances or zero payments. To go straight to the payment, just click the 'Auto Posted' button.

Step 6

Mark Reviewed

Now that you have either auto-posted or manually posted your ERA and are satisfied with the results, click 'Mark Reviewed' to remove it from the default list. You can always see these again by using the drop-down filter buttons.

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