Step 1

Select the Send Statements page from the Patient drop-down menu.

Step 2

Apply Patient Payments

This will apply patient payments to their unapplied balances. If you have a large account with a lot of patient payments and balances, this may take a couple minutes.

Step 3

Generate a Statement List

Set the filters to narrow down who will be on the statement list. The defaults are balances greater than $10, haven't received a statement in a month, and our super effective color-coded statements.

Step 4

Review the List

On the list, you can review the balance, the color of the next statement to go out, and the number of statements the patient already received since their last payment. To the right, you can click the buttons to review patient claims, statement notes, and patient alerts.

Step 5

Select the Recipients

You can click Select All, or you can hold CTRL and click multiple patients to select or unselect them. Once all are selected, click Send Statements. If you have a large batch of statements, it may take a few minutes to process them all.

Additional Information

Bonus Info

When on a patient profile page, you can click on Statements to view previous statements, send a one-off statement, or edit the statement counter manually.

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