You cannot print and mail your own statements in Lightning MD. You must use the automated mailing house, but trust us, this will save you a TON of time and money. Once you have sent any statement(s), then you can print, download, email, etc.

Check out the article on sending statement batches here.

Step 1

Navigate to any patient page by using the Lightning Search bar or selecting them from the All Patients list. Once on the page, click on the Statements button.

Step 2

View Statements

From here you can click any of the statements that have been sent and view the PDF.

Step 3

Sending a Single Statement

Click the Send Statement button and then confirm to mail out a single statement.

Step 4

Edit the Statement Counter

Click the Edit button next to the statement counter to manually change it. When a patient makes a payment the counter automatically goes back to zero. The statement counter is used to determine the color of the statement a patient receives and also as a filter for generating lists of patients to send to collections.

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