Step 1

Select the New Payment option from the Payments drop-down menu.

Step 2

Payment Details

Select the payment type 'insurance' and choose the insurance, then enter the basic payment information.

Step 3

Add Claims

Add claims to your payment by entering the superbill number and hitting enter or clicking the +Claims button. The system will not let you add the same claim twice.

Step 4

You can click on several quick links in the charge header. You can open the superbill, the patient, and take actions like editing demographics and insurance, viewing claim history, and deleting the claim from the payment (this deletes all the adjustments, payments, etc that were entered on this payment for that claim).

Step 5

Enter the EOB Charge Line Items

Enter the allowed, adjustments, payment, and deductible, coinsurance, copayment if applicable. Then use the drop-down on the right to select a claim disposition; when you save the payment, this is what will happen with the claim next.

Selecting Insurance = Claim goes into the billing queue

Selecting Patient = Claim balance is transferred to the patient

Selecting Settled = Claim balance will be settled

Selecting Crossover = Claim will be marked billed, but not transmitted

*For Crossover you must include a name in the CARRIER box

Step 6

Save the Payment.

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