Step 1

Start by navigating to the claim history.

From Claims Manager:

From a Superbill:

Step 2


First, we need to determine WHY there is a negative balance.

Look at the charge ID at the top of the charge line you are interested in. Scroll down to the financial transactions for that charge ID and assess the list for an adjustment or overpayment that is causing the negative balance.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Was it due to an adjustment?

For example: Was there a zero payment on this claim with a denial adjustment? Was it later resubmitted and paid, but the old denial adjustment is still there?


Was it due to an over-payment?


Step 3

Click on the zero payment (the green payment button in the left column), this will launch the payment in a new window. Find the claim (you can use CTRL F on a large payment and search for the patient or Superbill number). Expand the details and delete the denial adjustment, then save the payment. This should resolve the negative balance issue.

Step 4

Look at each transaction on the list to determine where the overpayment was made. You can make a note on the claim if you are issuing a refund and adjust the balance or settle the claim in the claims manager.

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