Step 1

You can add and edit patient insurance policies from a patient page, a superbill, or when posting a payment. Wherever you see the insurance box shown below.

Step 2

Add or Edit Insurance Policy

Click on the + New button in the insurance box or click on the yellow pencil to edit.

Choose insurance, Primary or Secondary, enter the member id, and then SAVE.

Choosing Insurance and Searching for Payers

When you click Choose Insurance, you'll see an insurance list. The default view is for your favorites, but you can always click "All Payers" to view all. "Add Payer" allows you to add a new payer to the list, by linking to an existing payer ID or using the payer ID "PAPER" to go out as paper claims.

Pro Tip: Adding or Removing favorites is as easy as clicking the .

Pro Tip: Search by payer name, nickname, or payer ID.

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