Step 1

Patient Notes: Click on the Notes Box at the bottom of a patient profile page.

Claim Notes: Click on the Notes button on either the top left of the Superbill near the patient name or in the middle of the Superbill page. You will only see the notes button after a claim is created. You can also get to the notes clicking the comment bubble in the claims manager.

Step 2

Enter Note

Enter the text for the note and click SAVE.

Step 3

Send a Statement Note

Click on the ☆ when entering a note, or later after you've saved it to toggle it as a STATEMENT NOTE.

Patient Statement Notes will display on the top of EVERY statement.

Claim Statement Notes will display under the charge lines of statements and appear on ONLY statements where this balance is displayed. Once the claim is paid and not on the statement, the note will not be displayed either.

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