Step 1

Click on the Claims Manager option under the Billing drop-down menu. You can also click the claims box on a patient page and then click the charges button for a claims manager view on that patient only.

Step 2


Here you can see a number of data points for your claims and charges. Sometimes, if patient or insurance names are quite long, some columns may be 'pushed out' of view and hidden, but can be expanded by clicking the expand button on the left.

Step 3


To filter the list, you can use the search bar and type in a patient name, a payer name, or a code. You can also prefix the search with a '#' and enter a number to search by the Superbill number.

Click SHOW FILTERS/HIDE FILTERS to expand more filter options.

Pro Tip: Use the AGING FILTERS to help you when working accounts receivable. You can combine this with a search for a payer name, which also helps with working AR.

Step 4

Action Buttons

You can select one or multiple claims by holding the CTRL button. You can select groups by clicking one then holding SHIFT and selecting another lower in the list.

Once selected you can SETTLE, ADJUST, or TRANSFER TO buttons to make quick changes to your claims.

You can also use the 3 buttons to the right of each charge to view the CLAIM HISTORY, CLAIM NOTES, or PRINT A CLAIM.

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