Step 1

You can click on the Worklist menu item.

You can also click on a worklist tag from the Dashboard. This will take you to a filtered view of the worklist for that tag.

Now we are looking at a filtered worklist. You can right-click and open in a new tab on claims if you don't want to lose your place on the filtered results.

Step 2

Add to the Worklist

There are basically 3 ways claims end up on the worklist.

  1. A Clearinghouse Rejection or Payer Denial

  2. Claim does not pass Lightning MD Billing Rules (controlled in practice settings)

  3. Manual adding of a Claim to the Worklist

Because the first 2 are automatic, we will focus on the 3rd, manually adding.

Click on the TAGS button or the WORKLIST button from a Superbill page, or the claims queue. Select YES or NO to add or remove a claim from the worklist, then SAVE.

Step 3

Add or Edit Tags

You can EDIT and DELETE tags from inside the practice settings. You can ADD tags at any time. Just click the plus button

Step 4

Remove from the Worklist

Claims that are rebilled, settled, or transferred to patient responsibility are automatically removed from the worklist. Otherwise, claims must be manually removed by repeating Step 2 and selecting NO.

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