NOTE: Documents cannot currently be transmitted with claims. If you have additional documentation you may have to print the claim and mail with your documents. Contact support if you have an instance where the document MUST be attached.

Step 1

Select the Document Center option from the Tools drop-down menu.

Step 2


Click on the upload button, then drop a file or just click in the box to upload. Once you select your file, you'll need to enter AT LEAST a NICKNAME. Only one file may be uploaded at a time.

You can click the PLUS sign next to ASSOCIATIONS to associate the file with a patient, claim, or payment. You can then quickly access it from the respective patient, claim, or payment page.

Step 3

View the Document

Just click on the Nickname of a document in the table to launch the viewer. From here you have access like a PDF for zooming, printing etc.

You can also edit the document details, like the nickname, as well as view a list of pages. When viewing the pages, you can mark them REVIEWED or UNREVIEWED. This is counted and listed in the document table list as R or U.

Click the image for a larger view

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