Step 1


Click on the Practice Settings option under the Settings drop-down menu, then click on the insurance tab.

Step 2

Identify Payers and Favorite

You can search for payers by name or payer ID. You can click the heart icon on the right to add them to your favorites list.

Pro Tip: If searching for Medicare, Medicaid, or BCBS: Search with the state prefix first

  • "CA Medicare"

  • "TX Medicaid"

  • "VA BCBS"

Step 3


Click on the ENROLL button, and then click START. A new tab will pop up giving you specific instructions to complete the enrollment.

When you finish the enrollment, close the tab and then click MARK ENROLLED in Lightning MD.

Pro Tip: You are completing YOUR portion of the enrollment, payer processing times vary and you may not begin receiving ERAs right away.

There are currently 3 types of enrollment (varies per payer):

  • Quick Enroll - Just click the quick enroll button and you are done =)

  • Electronic Enrollment - Instructions to login to a payer website and point the ERAs to our clearinghouse. When complete, you'll click a MARK COMPLETED button on the popup so we can finalize the connection.

  • Paper Enrollment - The enrollment form will pop up already prepopulated and allow you to complete additional fields (marked in RED if needed) and then submit most paper forms online.

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