The payment plan feature does not currently auto-charge credit cards. It will however automate a payment plan statement to be mailed out to the patient. The patient will also be TAGGED with $ PLAN

Collect Now - Plan

On the patient page when you click COLLECT NOW to collect a payment, a new button is now shown. This button is to set up or display a payment plan. Click this button to start the process of setting up a payment plan.

Step 1

Payment Option

In the first step, LightningMD will ask if you would like to choose to pay within a set amount of time frame. By choosing the amount option, you will be able to set an amount you would like to pay monthly until the balance is paid. By choosing the time option, you can set the time period you would like to pay the balance off.

Step 2a

Amount - Time Option

If you chose the time option, the window will show the balance and a drop-down menu to select a timespan. Once you have made a selection you can click next to select a start date.

Step 2b

Amount - Amount Option

If you chose the amount option, the window will show the balance and a text box to insert an amount the patient would like to pay. Once you have inserted an amount you can click the next button to select a start date.

Step 3

Start Date

Once you chose the amount or time span you can then choose when the start date of the payment plan is set. It will be on these days every month that payments are due.

Step 4


In step 4, you will see a summary of what the payment plan will look like. It will list the due dates of payments, the amounts for each payment, and the payment number. If everything looks good you can press submit to start the payment plan. (There will be a confirmation window to make sure you want to set up a payment plan.)

Extra Informaiton

Active Plan

When you go back into the same collect now and plan buttons, you will now get the payment plan details if an active plan exists. This will show you the details of the plan with the amount owed per payment, months left on the plan, and the remaining pay-off balance. From this detailed menu, you can terminate the plan and make a payment. This makes the payment button will default to the amount you need to pay that period. (If you would like to pay more you can do a card charge the usual way and put in an amount.)

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