Our waiting room will have some new features underway in development to add new Telehealth capability as well as simplified charge capture!

Step 1


Click on the Appointment Calendar option under the Patients drop-down menu.

Step 2

Click on Waiting Room

Step 3

Take action on your waiting room appointments

Run Eligibility - The status icon is displayed based on eligibility ran from the start of the month up until the appointment date. Click on the icon and try running one!

Authorization - Does this appointment need pre-auth/referral? Click on the icon to mark this patient as "No Auth Needed" or you can choose an Auth to attach to this visit. (Auth will be finally attached when you capture charges)

Paid - Does this patient have a copay? Click on the icon to mark this patient as "No Payment Needed" or you can choose to record a payment or take a new credit card.

Bill - Do this last. Click on the icon to mark this patient as "No Charges" or you can choose to capture charges, which will create a new superbill automatically.

All that's left is to add the CPT and DX Codes and Lightning Bill!

*(Superbill will be added to the worklist with tag Biller Review)

Status - This is where you can change the appointment status!

(Booked, Check-In, Check-Out, Canceled, No Show)

Step 4

Review your waiting room for the day

Are all the indicators showing correctly? Were all the charges captured?

You can also look days ahead in the waiting room to do things like check eligibility in advance!

Let us know if you would use a feature that runs a day's worth of primary eligibility. Would you use this feature? Remember it is still wise to review the eligibility report as things do change!

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